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Research already shows that residents who live in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), also known as “life plan community,” live longer, happier lives. But an announcement this week from the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) revealed that Still Hopes, in particular, is among the very elite when it comes to enhancing the wellness and longevity of their residents.

The ICAA, in conjunction with NuStep LLC, honored the top 25 senior living communities as the Beacon Award winners for 2021. They ranked Still Hopes as 17th in North America (including the United States and Canada) for “Best in Wellness”. Still Hopes ranked 12th in the United States and was the only community in all of South Carolina to receive such an honor.

The award was created to highlight the top organizations that embrace wellness and weave it into their community culture.

The awards were based on seven key dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, vocational and environmental. According to the ICAA and NuStep, these seven key attrtibutes “can collectively enrich wellbeing, quality of life, overall health and longevity.”

“Aging well involves more than simply programs and special events, but requires an intentional, ongoing pursuit of potential and possibilities,” said Colin Milner, ICAA founder and CEO. “We’re pleased to recognize senior living communities that excel at fostering a mindset and environment that emphasizes promise and opportunities.”

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