Why Move?

When you have worked so hard for your retirement, spend the next chapter of your life enjoying each day. When chores and to-do lists may grow at your current house, at Still Hopes senior living West Columbia, SC you can trade all of those in for the time to do what you love whenever you want.

Gain the peace of mind that you’re always at home at Still Hopes with medical care and social, learning, and spiritual opportunities always available within a warm and inviting community.

As you age, live worry-free of increased medical bills or of worrying family. Instead, relish in the quality time you can spend with loved ones every day with a helping hand available if you ever need it in senior living in West Columbia, SC.


Take the extra step in your retirement planning and discover the added peace of mind of our many levels of healthcare. If you ever were to need extra services, our compassionate and knowledgeable nursing staff offer individualized care on campus.

Still Hopes is a mission-based organization focused on providing the greater Columbia area a hub for health and daily assistance with programs like Solutions for Living at Home, open amenities like our Wellness Center, and rehabilitative services available designed for speedy recoveries.