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Research shows that movement, fitness and wellness impact longevity. Happily, a recent announcement from the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) revealed that Still Hopes, in particular, is among the very elite when it comes to enhancing the wellness and longevity of their residents.

The ICAA, in conjunction with NuStep LLC, has honored the top 25 senior living communities as Beacon Award winners for four years. The most recent award reveals that Still Hopes remains in the top 20 in 2022, having moved up from 17th to 13th place in North America (including the United States and Canada) for “Best in Wellness”.

Still Hopes has ranked in the Beacon Award's  Best In Wellness for Senior Living top 20 for three years since the award was conceived four years ago. It remains the only community in all of South Carolina to receive such an honor.

Still Hopes Director of Wellness, Taylor Hall captured the Wellness team's excitement, “It’s wonderful that our community is receiving international recognition for promoting a healthy and wellness-focused lifestyle! We take pride in empowering our residents to incorporate wellness practices into their daily routines. We're amazing to see how our community has become invested in supporting each other’s health journey, how we’ve become a family committed to helping one another live our best lives.

The award was created to highlight the top organizations that embrace and weave wellness into their community culture. Highlighting these organizations and their programs helps others in the Senior Living field learn and adopt senior living wellness best practices and grow senior wellness overall.

The awards were based on seven key dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, vocational and environmental. According to the ICAA and NuStep, these seven key attributes “collectively enrich wellbeing, quality of life, overall health and longevity.

Aging well involves more than simply programs and special events, but requires an intentional, ongoing pursuit of potential and possibilities,” said Colin Milner, ICAA founder and CEO. “We’re pleased to recognize senior living communities that excel at fostering a mindset and environment that emphasizes promise and opportunities.”

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