Featuring numerous fitness machines specially designed for our residents and Wellness Center members, our exercise room at our Retirement Community West Columbia, SC is equipped to allow you to remain healthy and active with a staff member available for any questions you may have.

Residents and Wellness Center members can join one of our daily fitness classes crafted for all skill levels and held in our exercise studio. Gain flexibility, strength, and balance in Tai Chi or have fun with the upbeat atmosphere in our Movers and Shakers class and keep your fitness routine exciting.

As the only Episcopal-sponsored, non-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community in the greater Columbia area, Still Hopes is there for you during every step of your retirement. Located two minutes from downtown Columbia, our life plan community is comprised of beautiful apartments and free-standing cottages nestled on 44 wooded acres creating a relaxing environment for engaged and independent senior living.

Take the extra step in your retirement planning and discover the added peace of mind of our many levels of healthcare. If you ever were to need extra services, our compassionate and knowledgeable nursing staff offer individualized care on campus.

Still Hopes is a mission-based organization focused on providing the greater Columbia area a hub for health and daily assistance with programs like Solutions for Living at Home, open amenities like our Wellness Center, and rehabilitative services available designed for speedy recoveries.

Exercise Room Virtual Tour

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Popular Classes

Cardio + Strength + Balance

A complete workout! Class includes low-impact aerobics, strength training, balance exercises and stretching. Exercises are performed standign and lying on mats. This class is for the high-functioning person who wants to stay high-functioning. Registration required.


Improve your endurance, coordination, and balance through continuous motion in the pool. A series of limbering, cardio, and strengthening exercises are combined with a "go at your own pace" style aerobic portion. Exercising in water is easy on the joints and is therapeutic for circulation and pain. You need no previous experience nor do you need to know how to swim. 

Chair Aerobics

Challenge your aerobic conditioning with seated rhythmical movement set to music. Lower body strengthening and balance exercises while standing behind the chair are an added benefit. 

Stretch and Align

Move and stretch on floor mats to reduce joint stiffness. The focus on core strength builds the foundation for a strong lower and upper body. Benefits include relaxing tight muscles and building strength in the abdominals and low back muscles. The resulting muscle balance relieves pain and correctly aligns the body. Takes place in the Petite Studio in HopeWell.

Strong Bodies

This strength and conditioning class is performed in seated and supported standing positions. Upper and lower body strength exercises with dumbbells and stretch bands are designed for increasing or maintaining strength, balance, and agility to perform daily activities. 

Tai Chi

Join Dan Bernardo, head instructor of WellWithin Martial Arts, on a holistic journey to balance, mobility, coordination, and overall more confidence in movement. Using Taijiquan as a path to internal cultivation, we focus on subtle shifting of weight and developing good posture for ease of movement and better balance. You can practice Tai Chi using ambulatory devices or sitting in a chair as well as standing. An additional cost is associated with this class.