Featuring numerous fitness machines specially designed for our residents and Wellness Center members, our exercise room at our Retirement Community in West Columbia, SC is equipped to allow you to remain healthy and active with a staff member available for any questions you may have.

Residents and Wellness Center members can join one of our daily fitness classes crafted for all skill levels and held in our exercise studio. Gain flexibility, strength, and balance in Tai Chi or have fun with the upbeat atmosphere in our Movers and Shakers class and keep your fitness routine exciting.

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Popular Classes

Chair Yoga

Connect the mind and body with physical and mental practices. Learn the Universal Principles of  Alignment through yoga positions and become empowered through the joy of Present Moment Awareness. Improvement in brain health and attitude will be achieved through control of the breath and meditation. 

Floor Yoga

A gentle method of increasing flexibility and strength and practicing safe transition from the floor to standing. Nearby chairs and a rail on the wall aid in transitioning to a standing position. Bolsters, blocks, blankets, and straps keep you comfortable and supported on your mat. Guided meditation decreases anxiety and depression and aids in pain management. This class greatly benefits spine health! 

Quick Set

Short on time or need to finish exercise early? Quick Set offers limbering and strength training earlier in the day in only 25 minutes! 


With three levels offered, residents and wellness center members can learn the fundamentals of correct body alignment and safe water movement for increased postural stability, enjoy high intensity classes that build agility and energy, and everything in between.

Chair Aerobics

Allows for participants to complete their aerobics in a chair and standing beside a chair. Ease into the class with gentle stretches and range-of-motion exercises or choose an advanced level of leg and core exercises focused on increasing balance and coordination.

Stretch and Align

In this 30-minute class, you will move and stretch to reduce joint stiffness. A large portion of this class includes sitting and lying on floor mats. Benefits include relaxing tight muscles that contribute to joint misalignment and pain.  Registration Required for this course.  

Strong Bodies

This strength and conditioning class is performed in seated and supported standing positions. Isolated- and multi-joint exercises are designed for functional training, balance, and agility.