Whether you’re looking for a rejuvenating place to go after a long day or a new fitness routine that excites, our heated, indoor swimming pool is available to all of our residents and members of our Wellness Center here at our assisted living facility in Columbia, SC.

Because of the buoyancy, those who may suffer from knee pain can receive a great workout in one of our seven different classes without worry of pain. Water exercises also allow some resistance to build up strength as well as flexibility and wider range of motion.

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Popular Classes

Water Walking

 Learn the fundamentals of water exercise including principles of correct body alignment and safe movement.  Perfect for those new to water exercise and for those who want to increase postural stability.

Water Class Level 2.0

Improve your endurance, coordination, and balance through continuous motion in the pool. A series of limbering, cardio, and strengthening exercises are combined with a “go at your own pace” style aerobic portion. 

Water Class Level 3.0

Power through this high intensity class for gains in agility and energy.  For those accomplished in the fundamentals and who wish to attain the highest levels of fitness.