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The Gervais apartment in HopeWell at Still Hopes: The perfect place to call “Home”

Posted September 24, 2021 • Kay and Mike Murrell have found the perfect place to call home here at Still Hopes.

Why Now is the Time to Make the Move to Still Hopes

Posted September 9, 2021 • The highly-anticipated HopeWell apartment building opened its doors to new residents in the spring, and already availability is very limited... and only within select floor plans. The time is now to join a great new group of Still Hopes residents!

Tiny Anchors

Posted August 30, 2021 • Still Hopes residents are vibrant and staying positive, despite being a year and a half into the Covid pandemic like the rest of the world. So Stephanie Parker, Still Hopes’ Director of Public Relations, wanted to know their secret.

YourTour through Still Hopes Offers Convenience and Personalization for Prospective Residents

Posted March 17, 2021 • Want to tour Still Hopes today? Find out how Still Hopes can make it happen for you, without ever leaving your home.

A Look Inside: The Highly Anticipated HopeWell Apartments at Still Hopes

Posted March 4, 2021 • The newest Still Hopes neighborhood has officially opened its doors to residents! Read more to learn all about the highly-anticipated HopeWell Building.

Still Hopes Residents Reveal Their Secrets to a Long and Happy Marriage

Posted February 12, 2021 • Roses are red, violets are blue, enjoy these riveting love tales, from this romantic crew!

4 Reasons Why Your Kids May Not Want You To Move to an “Old Folks Home”

Posted February 8, 2021 • (And 4 Reasons Why You Do!)

Geriatric Health and Wellness Brings Personalized Health Care to Still Hopes

Posted January 29, 2021 • Still Hopes is blazing an old trail with a relatively new program.

Meet the staff: Holly Crawford - Still Hopes Move-In Specialist

Posted January 23, 2021 • She knows what it’s like to walk on campus for the first time - after all, she’s done it herself three times! Find out how her experience is helping Still Hopes' newest residents.

Still Hopes Leads the Way in COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

Posted January 15, 2021 • As one resident put it, life at Still Hopes is “one step closer to normal life” thanks to a landmark week filled with emotion.