All classes are offered to both residents of Still Hopes and Wellness Center members. Take part in a wide array of fitness classes that are designed to excite and stimulate for an active, healthy, independent lifestyle at our retirement home West Columbia, SC.

If you are interested in working one-on-one with a personal trainer, we offer that as well. Our certified instructors can create stretches and workouts to accommodate your specific needs. 

As the only triathlon training program in the nation focusing on those 55 years and older, we are proud to say our residents can swim, bike and run/walk their way to better fitness. At Still Hopes, we’re helping residents and members of our community achieve their full potential regardless of personal challenges.

Experience an active retirement lifestyle on your own accord.

As a Continuing Care Retirement Community, and the area’s first Life Plan Community West Columbia, SC, Still Hopes offers an engaged and enjoyable senior adult community for the greater Columbia area. Our campus is continually adding new activities and offerings at the request of our wonderful residents.

Learn how to play a new instrument at our retirement community. Paint your next masterpiece. Spend weekends with friends and family. Engage in a spiritual Bible study. Savor the variety at four unique dining venues on campus. Build strength and social ties in our Wellness Center. Plan your days exactly how you like them.

Live the active retirement you want in an independent, maintenance-free environment without worrying about the tedious responsibilities.



Improve your endurance, coordination, and balance through continuous motion in the pool. A series of limbering, cardio, and strengthening exercises are combined with a "go at your own pace" style aerobic portion. Exercising in water is easy on the joints and is therapeutic for circulation and pain. You need no previous experience nor do you need to know how to swim. 

Yoga Classes

Chair Yoga:

Learn the Universal Principles of Body Alignment through yoga positions and become empowered throug hte joy of Present Moment Awareness. Achieve imprvement in brain health and attitude through contol of the breath and meditation...all while sitting in a chair! 


Floor Yoga:

A gentle method of increasing flexibility and strength and practicing safe transition from the floor to standing. Bolsters, blocks, blankets, and straps keep you comfortable and supported on your mat. Guided meditation decreases anxiety and depression and aids in pain management. This class greatly benefits spine health! 


Chair Aerobics

Challenge your aerobic conditioning with seated rhythmical movement set to music. Lower body strengthening and balance exercises while standing behind the chair are an added benefit.