COVID-19 Update

As you are likely well aware, the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) is making international headlines. Right now, there are positive cases of the Coronavirus in Richland and Lexington counties. However, we want our residents and resident family members to rest assured that Still Hopes Retirement Community in Columbia, SC is taking every possible precaution.That being said, we will be implementing numerous safeguards to mitigate the spread of infection and protect the health and safety of the Still Hopes community.

  • If you have traveled, flown anywhere in the last 14 days, experiencing any related symptoms or sickness, or if you know you have come into contact with someone infected by the Coronavirus, please contact us immediately and remain in your residence until you have been cleared by your healthcare professional. You may call Tacey Gohean at (803) 739-5047 or Stephanie Parker at (803) 739-5002 to report your symptoms.

More precautions are in place, and we encourage you to review the documents below.