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We are grateful to report that Still Hopes remains relatively untouched by Hurricane Florence. Early last week, a sudden shift in the storm’s path made it appear that Florence would be heading straight for Columbia after hitting the Carolina coast. This information made the Still Hopes leadership team spring into action and we feel as though we were very prepared should the storm have hit us with more strength. As always, our top priority was our residents and ensuring they would have support around the clock. A Command Center was set up in our Keenan Event Center, and this served as our home base during our storm preparations. We constantly had the news on our televisions, along with important storm information and contact numbers posted to the walls. Key staff were ready to stay on campus as long as the potential storm endured to ensure each of our residents received proper care and attention during the storm. We kept in contact with all of our Independent Living residents, encouraging them to have the proper emergency supplies on hand, but assuring them we would be here to meet any of their needs. The staff in our licensed areas were ready to implement any emergency protocols needed, and we are touched by the dedication everyone showed last week. Again, we are grateful we only seemed to get some rain and wind. We know others along the coast were not so fortunate, losing loved ones and their homes. Our prayers are with them and all who were touched by Hurricane Florence.