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The Still Hopes Memorial Forest, also known as The Forest, was given as part of the original gift from the Guignard family to Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. The purpose of the 44 acres that is now known as Still Hopes, which encompassed the Guignard Mansion and Forest, was to provide a place for seniors to live their most vibrant life. The Forest is currently served through an endowment to maintain this wooden area in perpetuity.  The Forest is a recreational space including walking paths and a retention pond and is enjoyed by residents, employees, and the surrounding community. 

Through a collaborative effort of the Still Hopes Development Office and the Still Hopes Garden Committee, a proposal was submitted to Columbia Green to enhance The Forest by increasing the plant diversity of this space while maintaining its natural state and serene escape. The proposal was approved by the Columbia Green grants committee, which allowed for over 220 native South Carolina canopy and understory trees and shrubs to be purchased by the Still Hopes Grounds Supervisor, Chris Spearen.  The Still Hopes Community also gave a matching gift equal to the value of the grant, as well as provided in-kind labor to really elevate this project to its greatest potential and further the diversity and interest.  Chris brings a wealth of knowledge, and we were very fortunate to have his expertise and his team for this special project between Still Hopes and Columbia Green. As these plants flourish over the coming months and years, we know they will be appreciated by many! 

(The photos associated with this post were taken when members of the Columbia Green grants committee visited Still Hopes to walk the Forest with Chris Spearen and see the new plantings in person!)

Complete Listing of Plants Added To The Forest 

15 gal. Eastern Redbud (2)
15 gal. Flowering Dogwoods (5)
15 gal. Bay Magnolias (3)
15 gal. Service Berry (1)
15 gal. Laurel Oak (2)
15 gal. Chestnut Oak (2)
7 gal. Witch Hazel (4)
7 gal. American Snowball (1)
7 gal. Red Maples (2)
5 gal. Eastern Red Cedars (3)
3 gal. Dwarf Palmetto (18)
3 gal. Oak Leaf Hydrangea (25)
3 gal. Leucothoe (9) 
3 gal. Illicium (6)
3 gal. Native Azaleas (19)
3 gal. Shrubby St. John's wort (10)
3 gal. Big Leaf Magnolia (16)
3 gal. Fothergilla (9)

3 gal. Franklinia (3)
3 gal. Sweet Shrubs (6)
3 gal. Chalk Maples (3)
1 gal. Live Oaks (3)
1 gal. Red Buckeyes (3)
1 gal. White Fringe Trees (5)
1 gal. Black Tupelo (3)
3 qt. Walter's Viburnum (5)
3 qt. Paw Paws (5)
3 qt. Beauty Berries (5)
3 qt. Coral Beans (5)
3 qt. Sweet Pepper Bush (15)
3 qt. Oak Leaf Hydrangea (5)
3 qt. Ink Berry Hollies (12)
3 qt. Sweet Spire (5)
3 qt. Sourwood (3)
3 qt.  American Hornbeam (3)