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Well happy almost December! Goodness, this year sure has flown by. We at Still Hopes hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones and are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas season. To kick off what many call the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” on an inspirational note, we are including a letter from our Executive Director, Danny Sanford, in today’s blog post. Danny wrote this letter for the December issue of Still Hopes’ newsletter, also known as “Connections”. We hope you enjoy Danny’s words below and we hope the coming weeks bring you much joy!

Earlier this year I adopted a new slogan with the Still Hopes Department Directors. That slogan is: BE A 100-WATT BULB IN A 40-WATT WORLD! I heard this phrase at our Leading Age Fall Educational Conference and I liked very much its implications. In fact it resonated with me, and it seemed to resonate with several of the Still Hopes Directors when I shared it with them.

As the Christmas season approaches once again, the phrase is taking on yet another meaning for me, and a larger one. My family instilled in me a strong conviction that Christ is indeed the light of the world. A 100-watt bulb in a 40-watt world if ever there was one. This premise, Christ as the light of the world, has never been viewed by me as a question, as far back as I can remember, and from all the indications shared with me by my parents, it was never a question for them either. It was, and remains, a pure, simple, all important fact.

There are of course folk who do have questions about this premise. Those who, in fact, do not even believe it. Christmas for some is best known as “The Holiday Season.” Granted, many of those folk still will fervently strive to be 100-watt bulbs in their 40-watt world, and I applaud that fact and their dedication to it. But… I believe it is much easier to be a 100-watt bulb when we have the light of Christ shining through us. This way we can focus on being the best reflectors of His light, rather than having to generate the light ourselves. I’m thankful to have his light available for my use and I hope that you find his light shining brightly in two special ways, first shining through you out to the world, and second that you clearly see the light shining TOWARD you, through many others who surround you during this holy season of the year.

Join with me then this Christmas Season and let’s all strive to be a 100-watt bulb in a 40-watt world and enjoy the “enlightenment” that it brings!

Christmas Blessings to you all,