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Exciting times are ahead for the Still Hopes community as we break ground on a new feature that promises to enhance our vibrant living experience: a croquet court. This addition, made possible through the generous gift of Still Hopes resident Susan F. Boyd, signifies more than just an expansion of amenities—it's a testament to our commitment to enriching our residents’ lives with thoughtful, engaging outdoor activities.


 A New Chapter of Engagement and Enjoyment


Introducing the croquet court is not just about adding another activity to our already vibrant portfolio. It’s about creating opportunities for social interaction, physical activity, and the joy of competition—all integral parts of a fulfilling life. Croquet, with its blend of strategy, skill, and social interaction, fits perfectly within the fabric of what makes Still Hopes a unique place to live.


 Thoughtfully Designed for All


The new court is designed with inclusivity and accessibility in mind. Here are some key features:


Artificial Turf: Chosen for its low maintenance and durability, the artificial turf ensures the court remains in prime condition year-round, without the daily upkeep real turf would require. The design includes features like an area of taller "grass" around the entire court to slow overplayed balls, ensuring the game is enjoyable and accessible for players of all skill levels.


Accessibility: The inclusion of assistive device-friendly spaces means the sport can be enjoyed by everyone, reflecting our commitment to activities that can be enjoyed across varying levels of mobility. In other words, it’s a game that’s also friendly to those using canes and walkers.


Comfort and Convenience: Understanding the importance of comfort and social interaction, the pavilion will offer seating and ample space for observers to relax, perhaps with a cup of tea or a crockpot of chili on cooler days. Additionally, two unisex restrooms ensure convenience for all.


 A Gift That Keeps on Giving


This project, spearheaded by the generosity of Susan F. Boyd, highlights the spirit of giving and community that runs deep in Still Hopes. Her vision for a space that offers both physical activity and social engagement reflects her understanding of the needs and desires of her fellow residents.


 Looking Forward


As we embark on this exciting addition to our community, we look forward to the many ways it will enhance the lives of our residents. From leisurely afternoons on the court to the lively competitions that are sure to arise, the croquet court represents a new chapter of community life at Still Hopes.


In the spirit of anticipation and community, we extend a heartfelt thank you to Susan for her generous gift. Her contribution goes beyond the physical court—it invests in the health, happiness, and connection of all who call Still Hopes home. As we look forward to the completion of the croquet court, we are reminded of the beauty of community, the joy of active living, and the promise of many memorable moments to come.


Croquet on the way, indeed!