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In a notable achievement for Still Hopes Episcopal Retirement Community, our Life Engagement team recently applied for and was awarded the Art4Life grant, a testament to our unwavering commitment to resident enrichment. This success didn't come without effort; it involved extensive training for our team. This preparation was crucial to ensure that the implementation of Thriving4Life's program by our Life Engagement staff aligns with the grant’s core values, particularly in protecting and honoring the dignity of all participants.


Art4Life: A Natural Extension of Our Mission


The Art4Life initiative is about using art as a therapeutic tool to enhance dignity and personal autonomy. At Still Hopes, particularly in our Jane Bruce Guignard Long Term Nursing neighborhood, we see this as a natural extension of our mission. We understand that life enrichment encompasses emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, not just physical care.


Empowering Through Creativity


The Art4Life program is about empowering residents to express themselves creatively. It's closely aligned with our ethos of celebrating each resident's individuality. Art4Life offers various art forms as mediums for residents to share their experiences and emotions, echoing our commitment to honoring the unique stories of our community members.


A Community-Wide Effort


Still Hopes is an ideal recipient for the Art4Life grant because of our holistic approach to care. The program’s goal of extending beyond art therapists to involve caregivers resonates with our belief that everyone on our team plays a role in enriching residents' lives. This inclusive approach ensures that all residents, regardless of their challenges, can participate in and benefit from the program.


Looking Forward


As we gear up for the first Art4Life session, we're excited about the possibilities this program brings. It’s an opportunity to deepen our commitment to providing an engaging, supportive environment where every resident can enjoy a rich and varied life.


The Art4Life program is more than just an artistic endeavor; it's a reflection of our dedication to ensuring every resident at Still Hopes has the opportunity to live a vibrant and expressive life.


This grant marks a significant step in our journey to enhance the quality of life for our residents. We look forward to sharing updates and successes from the Art4Life program at Still Hopes. To learn more about Thriving4Life's mission or the Art4Life grant, visit their website below.